24 years ago, the Praetorians were the greatest power in Aventira.


Their duty was to protect the citizens from vile sorcery, magical creatures and dangerous artifacts.


Over time, their influence grew ever greater. They supervised the training of young mages at the academy and even began to intervene in Aventira's politics, steering the country's fate from the shadows.


No one was aware that highlord Ultim, who lead the Praetorians at the time, had his own dark agenda. It all changed when Ultim was finally defeated by Nahara Ahs'karandja, Strayn alen Narumya and Sareen of the Ravenwolf clan.

Final Battle

When the truth about Ultim became known, the Praetorians lost most of their prestinge among the population. Many of them turned away from the order in anger and disillusion and went their own ways.
Rivalling groups, such as the mages of the Conventus Aurea, and the huntresses of the Sisters Of The Red Hood, tried to fill the vacuum of power left behind by the Praetorians.


Anzhu, the daughter of Nahara and Strayn, settled in Aventira as Starborn and Nightborn both consider her to be leprous.


She is interested in archeology and the study of lost civilizations, so she roams the country searching for Antenirian ruins.

She had just returned from another journey and is perusing her notes, when someone knocks at her door...